Diceware Password Generator


Diceware is an easy way to create strong passphrases, still easy to remember.
Introduction to diceware - Wordlist in use.


Diceware uses a dice to create random sequences from a list of words, and ensure the password is usable. However, computing random is an issue. This prototype runs with PHP, which introduces random_int() in its version 7. To provide larger compatibility and get free from the PHP version, random_compat (on GitHub) is used.

A string between 4 and 6 words is generated at every refresh. For each and every word, a random integer is chosen between 0 and 1, deciding if the word comes before or after the existing string. Once the maximum amount of words is reached, the string is outputed.


91st built few atomic 2222 twill

Please note this is a prototype in order to provide a basic approach.