Easy Config File

Online configuration files repository

Javascript (En/De)Coder

An encoding/decoding tool fully in JavaScript.
For Punycode, Base64, URLencode,..

K.I.S.S. RSS Reader

A simple RSS reader where you can register, add and share sources, or keep them private, as well as UI customization.

K.I.S.S. URL Shortener

A simple URL Shortener service, where you can manage saved links. Source code released on GitHub.

Online Networking Tools

A tool to play with networks and IPs, in JavaScript/AJAX. For CIDR or Netmasks, Network or Broadcast addresses,..

Online Timestamp Tools

A tool to play with timestamps and dates, in JavaScript/AJAX.


A simple CMS to manage a portfolio online. In use here.

Fun Projects

Betting Time!

A simple game where you need to guess the current temperature from the place you are.

[Fr] Citations

Générateur de commentaires pour paraitre intelligent

Dofus online market


Online tools

Projects / Team management


Unique Sequence Generator

A unique sequence generator (Aa1Aa2Aa3...Zz8Zz9)
and offset calculator


Programming is my passion, I also tend to make use of it in other projects, as a tool.

Florent Gontharet.