IT Security


A simple PHP encrypted chat rooms manager. Everything is encrypted on the client side.

Password Generator

Diceware Password Generator prototype

Unique Sequence Generator

A unique sequence generator (Aa1Aa2Aa3...Zz8Zz9)
and offset calculator


Opensource pastebin, where everything is encrypted on the client side.


Javascript (En/De)Coder

An encoding/decoding tool fully in JavaScript.
For Punycode, Base64, URLencode,..

Online Networking Tools

A tool to play with networks and IPs, in JavaScript/AJAX. For CIDR or Netmasks, Network or Broadcast addresses,..

Online Timestamp Tools

A tool to play with timestamps and dates, in JavaScript/AJAX.

Data Management

Easy Config File

Online configuration files repository

Bay: Image Board

Online sharing plateform dedicated to images.


RSS Reader



Useful links repository


Creations and small projects end there


Technical Wiki

Development, Configuration, Integration, there is a wiki for that!


K.I.S.S. RSS Reader

A simple RSS reader where you can register, add and share sources, or keep them private, as well as UI customization.

K.I.S.S. URL Shortener

A simple URL Shortener service, where you can manage saved links. Source code released on GitHub.

Online tools

Projects / Team management



As I started programming with web development, I like to have my tools available. I try to figure out what is missing from Internet and take some time to develop it!

Florent Gontharet.