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Technical Wiki

Development, Configuration, Integration, there is a wiki for that!

IT Security

Ethical Hacking

An analysis of security in a web application development process.
Educational purposes only.

Ethical Hacking

Exploit Writing report.
Educational purposes only.


M.Sc. Ethical Hacking final project
Educational purposes only.



Dofus online market

Easy Config File

Online configuration files repository

Unique Sequence Generator

A unique sequence generator (Aa1Aa2Aa3...Zz8Zz9)
and offset calculator

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Holds a Master in Computer Sciences, specialized in Cyber Security. I own advanced skills in programming, networking, and telecommunications. My interest in international mobility draws on a fluent English (studies) and a B2 level in Italian. Dynamic and enterprising, I showed a good capacity for integration by actively participating in group life throughout my schooling.

Florent Gontharet.