IT Security


M.Sc. Ethical Hacking final project [tldr; see poster]
Educational purposes only.

Ethical Hacking

Exploit Writing report.
Educational purposes only.

Ethical Hacking

An analysis of security in a web application development process.
Educational purposes only.


Dofus online market

Easy Config File

Online configuration files repository

Unique Sequence Generator

A unique sequence generator (Aa1Aa2Aa3...Zz8Zz9)
and offset calculator

Social Medias

Curriculum Vitae

Download my Curriculum Vitae /
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LinkedIn Profile

My profile on the LinkedIn social website

GitHub Repository

My GitHub Repository



Opensource pastebin, where everything is encrypted on the client side.


A simple PHP encrypted chat rooms manager. Everything is encrypted on the client side.

K.I.S.S. RSS Reader

A simple RSS reader where you can register, add and share sources, or keep them private, as well as UI customization.


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Holds a Master in Computer Sciences, specialized in Cyber Security. I own advanced skills in programming, networking, and telecommunications. My interest in international mobility draws on a fluent English (studies) and a B2 level in Italian. Dynamic and enterprising, I showed a good capacity for integration by actively participating in group life throughout my schooling.

Florent Gontharet.